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Rocell unveils the first Live Shower Experience in the region, with the partnership of the German Brand – Hansgrohe & AXOR

Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC (Rocell), Sri Lanka’s leading manufacturer of high-quality floor tiles, wall tiles, and bathware, has embarked on an unprecedented collaboration with Hansgrohe & AXOR, the world-renowned German brands, synonymous with premium showers, and bathroom accessories. By solidifying its design leadership through this groundbreaking partnership, Rocell brings the pinnacle of bathing experiences to the discerning customers of Sri Lanka.   

In a first-of-its-kind initiative in South Asia, Rocell proudly houses the “Experience Centre for Hansgrohe and AXOR”, a vibrant space showcasing Hansgrohe’s & AXOR’s top-tier faucets, showers, and fittings. This dynamic space features the exclusive collections of Philippe Starck, Antonio Citterio, Anna Lindgren, Sofia Lagerkvist, Oki Sato, Andreas Haug, Edward Barber & Jay Osgerby, Jean-Marie Massaud, and Patricia Urquiola, internationally renowned designers who have collaborated with Hansgrohe & AXOR to create unparalleled masterpieces in bathroom design. Explore their exceptional works of art and engineering marvelsat the Experience Centre for Hansgrohe and AXOR and witness the fusion of artistic brilliance with innovative functionality.     

Be among the first in Sri Lanka, and the entire region, to experience the transformative power of German engineering at the “Experience Centre for Hansgrohe and AXOR”. Immerse yourself in the precision and ingenuity of Hansgrohe and AXOR, where showers are no longer just about getting clean. Step under the groundbreaking shower experiences of ‘Powder Rain’ & ‘Rain Dance’ by Hansgrohe, and feel water transformed into a luxuriously enveloping mist. This Sri Lankan first redefines the bathing ritual, offering an unparalleled sensory experience. But the innovations don’t stop there. Explore the diverse functionalities of Hansgrohe and AXOR’s faucets, each showcasing the perfect blend of aesthetics and cutting-edge technology. At the Experience Centre for Hansgrohe and AXOR by Rocell, your shower becomes an interactive journey, one that unveils the future of bathroom design, available today.       

Rocell’s commitment to design aligns perfectly with the dedication to craftsmanship and innovation upheld by Hansgrohe & AXOR. This momentous partnership signifies a noteworthy leap forward in Sri Lankan bathware, unlocking the pinnacle of luxury bathroom experiences. Rocell, through transformative collaborations, continually redefines expectations, solidifying its status as Sri Lanka’s leading force in bathroom design and innovation.  

Since its inception in 1992, Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC (Rocell) has consistently delivered refined and sophisticated interior solutions, providing world-class tiles, bathware, and accessories to Sri Lanka. The company is dedicated to meeting the evolving bathware needs of customers through cutting-edge technology. Celebrated as one of Sri Lanka’s most sought-after lifestyle brands, Rocell continues to offer a world-class customer experience through its island-wide showrooms, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to customer satisfaction.  



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