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Hayleys Aventura and Invertek power greener industries through energy efficiency

Save 40 to 50% through Optidrive Eco VFDs for both motor and pump applications.

Leading industrial solutions provider, Hayleys Aventura, in partnership with global leader Invertek, renowned for cutting-edge drive technology, introduced Optidrive Eco Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) to enhance energy savings and reduce emissions in manufacturing, agriculture, and hydro-based industries. These VFDs enable clients to control fan motor speeds, minimising energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions throughout the energy supply chain.

Hayleys Aventura leveraged Invertek’s Optidrive VFDs to revolutionise the tea industry in Sri Lanka. Since 2018, they integrated VFDs into the local tea withering process, resulting in remarkable advancements in energy efficiency and cost savings. This initiative has led to a notable reduction in energy consumption by 40% or cumulative energy savings of 20 to 25%. This innovative approach has significantly enhanced the global competitiveness of the tea industry in the region.

Wasaba Jayasekera, Managing Director at Hayleys Aventura stated, “Our partnership with Invertek, a well-respected brand for transformative energy savings in the global arena, has great potential to drive Sri Lanka’s export industries and national economic growth. As a cutting-edge industrial solutions provider, Hayleys Aventura aligns with the global shift towards more cost-conscious practices. The introduction of 1,000 VFDs to the manufacturing, agriculture, and hydro-based industries across the island is a significant step in this direction.”

Nick Thorne, Global Sales Manager of Invertek said, “We are proud to collaborate with Hayleys Aventura, a responsible corporate entity committed to innovation and sustainable practices. This partnership reflects our ongoing commitment to delivering top-notch, innovative, and reliable industrial solutions to our customers. By combining photovoltaic technologies with these VFDs, we are taking the versatility of our product range to another level.”

The successful utilisation of Invertek’s Optidrive VFDs by Hayleys Aventura has not only brought substantial energy savings and cost reduction but fostered sustainable growth in the tea industry in Sri Lanka.

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