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Hon. Dilum Amunugama appoints Country Representative to Japan

The Ministry of Investment Promotion recently appointed Country Representatives in selected countries. While Country Representatives had been appointed to India, Malaysia, United Arab Emirates, South Korea, Maldives, Qatar and Great Britain as of March 1st 2023, Japan became the latest addition.

Mr. Sajeev Rajaputhra was appointed as the first Country Representative of Sri Lanka to Japan. He is the Chairman of the Rajaputhra Group of Companies and CEO of SAS3 Trading Japan, specializing in automobile exports from Japan to 26 countries world-wide. He is an experienced entrepreneur who has completed two Bachelor’s degrees and two Master’s degrees including two in Business Management. Mr. Sajeev has his roots in a diverse range of industries such as Automobiles, Hospitality, Media, Advertising, Real Estate, Film Productions, Restaurants and Entertainment. Based in Japan for over 30 years, he hopes to use his position and international influence to support his motherland economically at this time. During the height of the economic crisis Mr. Rajaputhra invested over half a billion rupees in foreign currency into multiple projects in Sri Lanka, including a Villa in Kandy and a restaurant in Union Place, named Park Street Warehouse, to be launched in June this year. When asked about his decision to go in when everyone was pulling their investments out, Mr. Rajaputhra claimed that he was always one to go against the tide, even if it meant going alone, as long as he believed in it. He also stated that the two things he would always bet on, no matter what, were himself, and the future of his country, because with good leadership, strategies and execution, he believes Sri Lanka can easily be one of the most respected and admired countries in the world.

Mr. Rajaputhra was handed the letter of appointment by Hon. Dilum Amunugama, the State Minister of the Ministry of Investment Promotion of Sri Lanka.

Stating that while he is honoured to have received the appointment, Mr. Rajaputhra commented on the risk this appointment also carries. “Each country representative has been carefully chosen because they are some of the most capable entrepreneurs in their respective countries. That also means, that each of them has spent decades building a strong foundation and creating a solid reputation for themselves abroad. Their promotions and endorsements, if faulty, will certainly damage their long-built reputations. In that sense, there is a considerable risk involved in accepting this role at this particular time.” He went on to state that while this may be the case, his reasons for accepting this responsibility were due to being unable to turn away from the dire need of the country in its hour of need, and the hope that President H.E. Ranil Wickramasinghe who is also the Cabinet Minister of the Ministry of Investment Promotion, will continue with every effort to foster a strong and stable economy and nurture international trust in Sri Lanka. “Either we can stand on the side lines doing nothing but criticizing everyone who is trying to do anything at all and contribute to the problem, or we can roll up our sleeves, get to work, and try to be part of the solution,” he added.

The appointment of Country Representatives has been officially informed to each respective foreign mission and each representative has been tasked with elevating the image of Sri Lanka and attracting foreign direct investments to the country. They will represent Sri Lanka within their respective countries as well as globally while interacting directly with the Board of Investments as well as the Sri Lankan Embassy where they are based. State Minister Hon. Dilum Amunugama stated that he believes it to be one step in moving closer towards making Sri Lanka a credible destination for investments in the near future.


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  • Hon. Dilum Amunugama, State Minister of Ministry of Investment Promotion hands Mr. Sajeev Rajaputhra, Chariman of Rajaputhra Group of Companies, his appointment letter

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