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Powering the Future: Highlights from “The Uninterrupted Power & Efficiency Summit 2024”

Energynet Pvt. Limited, a subsidiary of Hayleys Fentons, and Riello Power Solutions (Italy), two well-known UPS giants locally and globally, successfully hosted “The Uninterrupted Power & Efficiency Summit 2024”. The event brought together industry leaders to discuss the future of uninterrupted power supply (UPS) technology, spotlighting key trends and insights shaping the sector.

Distinguished speakers emphasised the growing importance of using modern UPS systems to improve energy savings and strengthen operational resilience against potential dangers. The summit and keynote presentations highlighted the critical importance of modern UPS systems and examined growing market dynamics and global innovations poised to reshape the industry landscape.

Riello UPS ranks among the top 3 European UPS companies globally, with the Asia-Pacific market ranking in second place for regional sales.

The event also celebrated Energynet’s milestone of installing one of the highest capacity installations in 2023, at 800 kVA across the country, as well as its strong partnerships with corporate giants in the manufacturing and ICT sectors.


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