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KOICA’s Career Guidance Platform Advances with Content Development Workshop

The KOICA Career Guidance Platform project is making significant strides in empowering trainees and industry professionals with vital job and company information, as well as employment support. In an effort to update stakeholders and highlight ongoing efforts, a content development workshop event has been announced. The primary goal of the KOICA Career Guidance Platform is to provide trainees with essential tools to navigate their career paths effectively. This includes access to comprehensive job and company information, as well as tailored employment support contents.

Additionally, the platform aims to bridge the gap between industrial needs and skilled professionals by offering companies the opportunity to select qualified employees for their organizations. This content development workshop will be invaluable to TVET trainees emphasizing the workshop’s focus on addressing trainees’ needs for job and company information, along with robust employment support content.

Ms. M. Samanthi Senanayake, additional secretary of the Ministry of Skill Development and Vocational Training, highlighted the absence of a robust career guidance platform in Sri Lanka and underscored the immense value of such an initiative. And she emphasized the platform’s significance in aiding students to identify their skills and make informed career choices. Furthermore, she expressed readiness to extend full support and emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts between all stakeholders to successfully implement this endeavor.

The Director General of the Tertiary and Vocational Education Commission, Dr. K.A. Lalithadheera, emphasized the significance of this gathering as an excellent platform for sharing knowledge and experiences among the experts present, fostering valuable collaboration and insights for the benefit of vocational education and career development initiatives.

To end the proceedings, Mr. Kim Yong Whan, Deputy Country Director of the KOICA Sri Lanka Office, extended a warm welcome to all attendees, emphasizing the workshop’s importance and expressing his aspirations for its ongoing impact in the future. He underscored the shared commitment to advancing collaborative efforts in vocational education and related initiatives moving forward.

Participating in the development of this groundbreaking project are esteemed experts from the Tertiary Vocational Education Commission and the Additional Secretary of the Ministry of Skill Development & Vocational Training. They hailed this initiative as the first of its kind, dedicated to providing career guidance and employment information specifically tailored for Vocational Trainees operating within the NVQ level 5 to 7 range.

This event marks a crucial milestone in the KOICA Career Guidance Platform’s journey, signaling a commitment to empowering individuals with the knowledge and resources needed for successful career advancement.


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