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Cloud Phone Co-Developed with China Mobile Wins Award

China Mobile and Huawei’s joint cloud phone innovation was awarded the 2023 “Compute-enabled Innovative Application” by China People’s Posts and Telecommunications News. The publication of China’s Media and Communication Department, Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT), named Mobile Cloud Phone an outstanding ICT success story, recognizing the two companies’ contributions to 5G service innovation, enhanced user experience, and wider access to computing power.

The result of two years of collaboration, Mobile Cloud Phone offers a groundbreaking take on personal computing. Cloud Phones, instead of doing their processing using the on-board CPU, rely on the processing power of the Cloud, to which they tethered by a low-latency 5G or optical connection. Launched on May 17 2023 to mark the World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, Mobile Cloud Phone is available by simply downloading the app or accessing the official account of “Mobile Cloud Phone” on WeChat. Users then subscribe to virtual “Cloud Phone” service via HTML5 or an applet and enjoy cloud computing anytime, anywhere.

By leveraging 5G’s ultra-broadband connectivity, Mobile Cloud Phone transcends physical device limitations:

  • Scaling: Break free from the performance constraints of physical phones.
  • Extension and migration: Move apps and files to the cloud and free up space on personal devices.
  • Multi-identities: Separate personal and professional uses on a single device.
  • Enhanced security: Stay confident that data remains secure on the cloud and won’t leak in the case of device loss.
  • Seamless collaboration: Interact with multiple cloud devices on one screen.

Integrating the latest tech on an Arm chip architecture cloud foundation, Huawei technologies optimize the cloud phone experience. The Monbox software architecture doubles cloud phone density per server and reduces end-to-end latency. Super-resolution and AVS3 video streams deliver high definition with low bit rates.

Instruction stream separation and rendering minimize latency and traffic consumption while maintaining image quality.

Mobile Cloud Phone fuels the digital economy with quality computing power. By bringing users differentiated experiences and inclusive services, China Mobile and Huawei reshape the 5G development landscape. The partnership revolutionizes the way we access and consume computing power, creating exciting new possibilities for the future.


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