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HUTCH Extends Affordable Roaming Plans for 30Plus Countries this season

In a bid to revolutionize the way Sri Lankan travelers stay connected while abroad, HUTCH proudly unveils its new Roaming Plans starting from USD 5 a week ensure subscribers revel in 10 GB of weekly data across 30+ destinations. For those with greater data appetites, the USD 15 plan generously offers 30GB of monthly data for a month.  Crafted specifically for all segments of travelers with affordable plans, these plans pledge more than mere connectivity; they assure an elevated travel expedition.

In tune with the hottest travel destinations this season—UAE, India, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the UK, and Australia amongst many other—travelers can roam worry-free, bidding farewell to daunting phone bills post-voyage. It’s not merely about data; it’s about embracing the liberty to share, connect, and relish experiences without denting your finances.

Hamdhy Hassen, Chief Marketing Officer at Hutch, offers his perspective on these plans, stating, “Our plans provide seamless connectivity at the most affordable rates for worry-free roaming, ensuring the best connectivity and quality. Beyond being a mere connectivity solution, our plans empower subscribers to forge enduring memories without the burden of exorbitant charges. Consider it a modest investment for significant returns and a travel experience free from concerns.”

With HUTCH’s unwavering dedication to providing an exceptional customer experience, whether at home or abroad, at the most competitive rates, subscribers benefit from a transparent pricing structure. This approach is crafted with consideration for prevailing economic conditions, offering a hassle-free way to stay connected without the worry of escalating bills.

HUTCH’s Data Roaming Plans cater not solely to leisure travelers but also to business or work-related voyages, providing the most economical roaming experience for Sri Lankans.

For further details on its affordable data roaming plans and to explore the full range of its

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