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Pintanna Plantations Unveils the First-Ever Wallapatta Museum

Pintanna Holdings, a pioneer in the Sri Lankan Agarwood plantation sector, is making significant strides. The inauguration of the newly constructed multi-purpose building, equipped with modern technology at Pintanna Estate, coincided with the official unveiling of Pintanna’s commemorative cover launch. Additionally, the company has introduced its second Agarwood Investment Rewards to the public and valued investors, marking another milestone in its journey.

Organized by Pintanna Plantations, which originated from the noble vision of Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena, the opening ceremony took place for a high-tech four-storied multi-purpose building. This building includes a state-of-the-art Pintanna Museum featuring a vast collection of Wallapatta, along with a Pintanna Theatre. Equipped with modern technological features, this structure marks another significant milestone in the company’s journey. Furthermore, the event included the crowdsourcing of Pintanna’s commemorative cover launch, along with this year’s second ‘Husma Pradana,’ where returns on investment were handed over to our celebrated investors. The ceremony was graced by many honorable and distinguished guests from the Sri Lanka Postal Department, including the chief guest, Post Master General Mr. S. R. W. M. R. P. Sathkumara.

Pintanna, our institution, maximizes the yield from an endemic plant native to Sri Lanka for future prosperity. This marks another special milestone in our journey, initiated with the goal of creating a clear and secure future through an exemplary path for the next generation. Equipped with modern technology and maintaining high-quality standards, we proudly present Sri Lanka’s only and first Agarwood Museum, featuring a historical Wallapatta reserve, shaping the future with pride for generations to come. A developed Sri Lanka, themed around a secure future, is the aspiration of Pintanna as we enter the New Year 2024, striving to secure a robust future for the nation’s children. This is our sole purpose.

Years of research and experimentation, coupled with generations of experience in the Sri Lankan plantation industry, culminated in the initiation of Agarwood plant cultivation in 2009 under the leadership of Deshabandu Kumar Dharmasena. On the first day of October 2020, Pintanna Plantations was officially established with a team of 21 dedicated members.  Pintanna Plantations, which currently has more than 200,000 Agarwood plants, was initiated with just 200 acres of land. Steadily progressing toward success, day by day, we have expanded our operations to encompass an area exceeding 1500 acres, establishing ourselves not only as a prominent brand in Sri Lanka but also in foreign markets.

Pintanna, our company established in 2020, inaugurated its first and only factory dedicated to Agarwood products in Sri Lanka on February 10, 2022. Situated in Ayagama, the factory operates through a fully transparent process covering every stage from Agarwood cultivation to the production of related products, including the extraction of oil from Agarwood seeds. The opening ceremony took place at the main estate. Utilizing environmentally friendly strategies and adhering to exceptionally high standards, the ‘Silani’ brand is introduced to the global market as a 100% Sri Lankan product. This not only significantly contributes to bringing foreign exchange into the country but also uplifts the nation’s economy.

Under the leadership and contemporary expertise of Mr. Kavishka Dharmasena, the Executive Director of Pintanna Group of Companies, the expansion of numerous branches under the Silani brand is not only happening in Sri Lanka but also in several countries, including the state of Dubai. With the goal of delivering greater value than the current offerings, all preparations have been completed for the introduction of a variety of oud-related by-products to the market. Our latest Silani showroom has been inaugurated in Saudi Arabia.

Recognized as the world’s most expensive plant, the Agarwood plant exudes an extraordinary and rare aroma. Its international trade value was estimated at $136.5 million by 2020, with expectations to reach $166.5 million by 2026. Creating a high demand in the global market, our Silani products, derived from the unique Sri Lankan ‘Wallapatta’ plant, have quickly gained popularity. In a short span, luxury oud-related products derived from it are earning foreign exchange for Sri Lanka, strengthening the country’s economy and marking another successful step in providing benefits to our esteemed investors. Pintanna, with a widespread branch network across the country in just three years, empowers the Sri Lankan people to invest in Agarwood plants, aiming to deliver the highest returns in the plantation sector as promised to our valued investors. Our primary showroom in Nugegoda is already open to the public, showcasing these valuable Agarwood-related products and offering a firsthand experience to the people of Sri Lanka.

Deshabandu Kumara Dharmasena laid the foundation stone of the ‘Unanduwa’ perfume factory on August 14, 2023, marking a momentous occasion in the resurgence of ‘Unanduwa,’ an enduring brand in Sri Lankan cricket heritage. The ‘Unanduwa’ perfume factory is poised to craft luxury perfumes using local Wallapatta, thereby fortifying the local economy, generating foreign exchange, and benefiting our esteemed investors. This national initiative, spearheaded by Pintanna, aims to contribute significantly to the collective effort of realizing the dreams of two million Sri Lankans. It has garnered the trust of the people and is a substantial step toward building a sustainable future. For our valued customers, the trust instilled in Pintanna as an organization has manifested into reality for the second time in three years.

Staying abreast of the latest technology, we prioritize 100% organic products and embark on numerous groundbreaking projects, setting unprecedented milestones in the history of Sri Lanka. Through our own brand, Silani, we aim to showcase Pintanna to the world, contributing to the enhancement of Sri Lanka’s financial stability on a global scale. It is our privilege to lay the foundation for a robust future through a sustainable vision.


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