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Raja Jewellers Unveils Online Collection Designed Exclusively for the Fashion-Forward Youth

Raja Jewellers, recognized as the undisputed monarch of the gold world in Sri Lanka, recently unveiled an exquisite online product segment, exclusively designed to capture the hearts of the youth. With an enduring legacy spanning over 95 years in the industry, Raja Jewellers proudly introduced a captivating collection that speaks to the dynamic tastes of the modern generation. 

Commenting on the latest online collection, Athula Eliyapura, Managing Director of Raja Jewellers, said, “Our brand ethos is rooted in empowering the fashion-forward youth with custom-made, everyday jewellery pieces that effortlessly compliments their style but also seamlessly fit into their lives. We have meticulously curated designs that capture the essence of uniqueness and trendiness, hallmark features of our brand.” 

This online collection caters to the aspirations and preferences of the youth, who not only possess a strong digital presence but also exhibit a penchant for fashionable jewellery and the latest trends. The collection, available primarily online with select designs available at Raja Jewellers showrooms, epitomizes internationally-inspired, trendy jewellery with an international finish. Raja Jewellers’ nearly century-long commitment to quality control, craftsmanship, and cutting-edge technology underscores its credibility.

Embracing the desires of the urban youth aged 15 to 24, Raja Jewellers presents elegant and simple 18Kt gold designs that resonate more with their modern sensibilities compared to the traditional 22Kt gold designs. The brand is prepared to accommodate individual preferences, delivering exclusive tailor-made jewellery. 

Raja Jewellers, now the ultimate destination for custom-made jewellery, stands poised to redefine the jewellery landscape for the young and trendsetting generation, allowing them to express their individuality through every piece they adorn. This strategic initiative aims to reshape perceptions, presenting Raja Jewellers not just as a jewellery provider but as a brand synonymous with innovative, stylish, and distinctive designs. 

For more information on Raja Jewellers’ extensive collections, visit its website at, Facebook page at, or its Instagram page at  



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