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Hemas Consumer Brands Spearheads Environmental Stewardship Across the Island

Hemas Consumer Brands, a pioneering force in the consumer goods sector, maintains its forefront position in promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility throughout Sri Lanka. Through a series of innovative endeavours and strategic partnerships, the company is actively advancing towards a more eco-friendly and sustainable future. At the core of these efforts lies the company’s Group Environmental Agenda 2030, focusing on responsible consumption practices, safeguarding our ecosystem and protecting our natural Resources.

Recognizing the pivotal role of mangrove ecosystems in coastal protection and marine biodiversity, the company joined forces with the Wildlife and Nature Protection Society (WNPS) to spearhead mangrove regeneration efforts in Anawilundawa. By nurturing these invaluable ecosystems, Hemas Consumer Brands is actively contributing to the conservation of coastal habitats and the protection of marine life. This significant contribution was recently acknowledged with Sri Lanka receiving the prestigious UN Decade of Restoration Flagship Award for 2024.

One of the key initiatives under this agenda is protecting natural resources, starting with the ambitious plan to reforest and sustain over 1,000 acres of land by 2030. In collaboration with Rainforest Protectors, Hemas Consumer Brands has embarked on a mission to restore 15 acres of forest land in Balangoda. This initiative is a proactive step towards combating deforestation and promoting sustainable land management practices, recognizing the critical importance of preserving natural habitats and biodiversity.

In addition to these initiatives, Hemas Consumer Brands has undertaken several other measures to promote sustainability and environmental stewardship through focusing on responsible consumption practices. For instance, the company has set a target to reduce plastic usage in packaging by 30% and achieve 100% recycling of plastic waste generated through manufacturing by 2030. To facilitate this goal, Hemas Consumer Brands has partnered with Eco Spindles, to establish a state-of-the-art Material Recovery Facility (MRF). This facility plays a crucial role in collecting, processing, and recycling plastic materials, contributing significantly to sustainable waste management practices.

Moreover, through a strategic partnership with John Keells Holdings plasticycle project, Hemas Consumer Brands has established 30 collection points in and around Colombo, promoting plastic recycling and embracing a circular economy model. Additionally, the company has collaborated with Cleantech on collecting plastic waste from events and designated collection points nationwide. This innovative approach encourages public participation in plastic recycling efforts, fostering a culture of environmental responsibility. Another exemplary initiative led by Hemas Consumer Brands is the partnership with Clean Ocean Force to clean up Negombo Lagoon, not only contributing to environmental conservation but also creating livelihood opportunities for local communities. This multifaceted approach underscores the company’s holistic commitment to sustainability.

Internally, Hemas Consumer Brands is dedicated to reducing plastic usage and promoting sustainability across its operations, while its brands actively make choices to minimize plastic in their products. Recently the Kumarika brand reduced 20% plastic in its packaging material setting the bar for other brands to follow. Furthermore, the company is deeply committed to responsible use of natural resources, having met its target to reduce energy consumption by 25% and transition to renewable sources by 2030. Similarly, a 50% reduction in operational water consumption is planned by the same timeline.

Hemas Consumer Brands is leading the charge towards a greener, cleaner future through comprehensive initiatives and projects. True to its commitment, the company empowers families for a better tomorrow with innovative solutions while setting benchmarks in ethical business conduct and environmental stewardship. By pushing the limits of both its products and corporate responsibility, Hemas inspires others to embrace sustainability as a core value, ensuring a brighter future for all stakeholders.


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