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Multilac Care & SLINTEC launch NOVID Antiviral and Antibacterial Spray to fight against Corona Virus

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In a pioneering initiative to battle against COVID-19, Multilac Care together with the Sri Lanka Institute of Nanotechnology (SLINTEC) recently launched Sri Lanka’s first ever Antiviral and Antibacterial Spray.

The new NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray is the first of its kind to be launched in Sri Lanka that kills 99% of corona virus. A major highlight to this spray is that a single application can last a longer period ensuring a high level of protection when compared to traditional disinfectants which are only effective for a shorter period.

Surfaces sprayed with NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray have been tested to reveal that the coating can kill 99% of harmful microbes including Corona virus. It is easy-to-use, unique in its class and has been tested and certified by the Virology Research Services Labs in London, UK.

Sharing thoughts on the NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray, Director/ CEO of Multilac Care, Mizha Mizver Ismail said, “We have been working with SLINTEC to develop an effective solution in proactively fighting the Corona Virus.  NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray is the outcome of our collaboration and it has proved to be highly effective against Corona virus with the anti-viral technology used in its manufacturing process.

We are extremely proud to be on the cutting edge, and to play our role in the fight against Corona virus, while helping to protect the public health.”

NOVID antiviral and antibacterial spray is packaged with a brush and can be brushed on to surfaces for optimal application, however it can also be applied by rolling, spraying or wiping on any type of surface including wooden, steel, plastic, fabric, wall and cement as well as on door handles and wall switches. Once applied on a surface, NOVID spray powered by Advanced Nano-technology automatically transforms the surfaces into an anti-microbial zone, which purifies the air around the surfaces and keeps the area safe by eliminating bacteria in the air.

SLINTEC Chief of Research and Innovation Dr. Azeez Mubarak said, “Innovation has always been a key factor in economic growth of successful nations. But to translate research results to economic returns, active collaboration between R&D institutes and industry is a must. And NOVID, the result of a fruitful partnership between SLINTEC and Multilac care is a prime example in this regard.”

To get the maximum benefit from the spray and for easy application, the users need to ensure that the surface is clean and dry, and shake well before spraying, rolling or wiping the spray on any required surface. The users are also advised to follow necessary health guidelines as the NOVID spray alone will not assure 100% protection from COVID-19.

A proud Sri Lankan company, Macksons Paints Lanka (Pvt) Ltd, the manufacturer of Multilac paints, has set itself apart by its commitment to customer needs, research and development and continues to create innovative world class products that cater to timely needs and continues to contribute to the country’s economy, exporting its products to over 10 countries and constantly placing Sri Lanka on the world stage for renowned innovation and international quality products.


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