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Link Natural Wellness Week: a stepping stone to a holistic wellness journey

In today’s extremely fast-paced world, maintaining one’s health and wellbeing can be quite a challenge. It requires well thought-out decisions about diet, taking breaks, and dedicating time for selfcare. True wellness is harmony between mind, body and soul, and Link Natural aims to make one’s journey towards holistic wellness effortless through its product offerings.

In celebration of Global Wellness Day on the 8th of June, Link Natural launched “Link Natural Wellness Week” from the 8th of June 2024 to the 15th of June 2024. The week consisted of initiatives and events which were specifically designed to encourage and empower those who are interested in starting their wellness journey, and those looking to discover holistic wellness.

The theme for the events held throughout the ‘Link Natural Wellness Week’ was ‘Step into Effortless Wellness’, and Link Natural believes in optimising your wellbeing through effortless approaches and the adoption of simple, everyday wellness habits. Throughout the week, consumers were educated on how to nurture each aspect of holistic wellness through easy, sustainable practices, on a variety of mediums.

Another initiative held during ‘Link Natural Wellness Week’ were Wellness Awareness Sessions conducted in partnership with Dr. J.T.R. Jayakody, Senior Ayurveda Consultant of Link Natural Ayurveda Panel and Dr. Krishanga Senevirathna, Ayurveda Doctor – Herbal Pharmaceuticals. The sessions were held on the 14th of June and 15th of June respectively at Swastha by Link Natural, the experience store located at Maitland Crescent. Complimentary wellness drinks and consumer offers on Link Natural Products were served to visitors throughout the week at the store.

Additionally, the company also launched a digital wellness challenge on social media platforms i.e. Facebook and Instagram on Link Samahan, Swastha Amurtha, Swastha Tripala & Earth Essence pages. Participants in this challenge competed for a chance to win tickets to a special wellness event, where they received wellness advice and engaged in a variety of activities. Link Natural also continued to amplify oral health camps by Link Sudantha in the North Central Province during the wellness week.

Discover how Link Natural’s products seamlessly support your holistic wellness journey. With over 200 products which fuse ancient ayurvedic wisdom with modern science and technology, Link Natural aims to enhance quality of life, promote good health and ensure longevity for consumers both locally and overseas.

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