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LankaGPT prepares to launch revolutionary Sigiriya AI platform in July 2024

In an era were Artificial Intelligence (AI) is rapidly evolving and transforming enterprise on a global scale, LankaGPT proudly announces the upcoming launch of Sigiriya AI. This groundbreaking tool was developed by a team of 30, spread across Sri Lanka, United States, and Dubai, is geared to launch in July 2024. Sigiriya AI is the first of its kind, built by Sri Lankans for Sri Lankan locally and overseas.

The initial version of Sigiriya AI will be a text-based platform is designed to support Sinhala and Tamil and will encompass various dialects, regional phrasing and pronunciation nuances. The tool was created using collection of proprietary data sets including 10 billion Sinhala data sets and 10 billion Tamil data sets, developed in partnership with a multitude of academic institutions.

The platform aims to penetrate the Sri Lankan market and extend its reach to regions that hold a significant population of Sri Lankans including the Middle East, Canada, Australia and more. The platform also recognises the vast Tamil speaking communities around the world, including India, Singapore, Malaysia and other Southeast Asian countries.

Mr. Lasitha Gunasinghe, Co-Founder & Managing Director of LankaGPT Technologies (Pvt) Ltd – “At LankaGPT, we recognised and understood the role AI could play in enhancing economic and social landscape. For this reason, we are deeply committed to providing this tool free of charge to education, agriculture and healthcare sectors, with the hope of driving innovation, empowering communities and fostering sustainable development. Sigiriya AI underscores the rapid need to leverage technology to support crucial sectors which contribute to economic stability, and we believe that free access to AI can help create lasting positive impacts on society. “

Sigiriya AI represents a significant achievement for the country, and it showcases the ability of LankaGPT to compete on a global scale. This initiative has been made possible through collaborations with a multitude of non-profit organisations dedicated to the upliftment and wellbeing of Sri Lankan communities around the world.


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