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Raja Jewellers Embraces Diversity and Inclusion this International Women’s Day

As International Women’s Day approaches, Raja Jewellers, a name synonymous with elegance and excellence in the world of jewellery, gears up for a celebration of empowerment, inclusion, and exquisite craftsmanship from the 7th to the 9th of March 2024.

International Women’s Day holds significant importance both locally and globally, and Raja Jewellers is proud to participate in this meaningful event by championing the theme of “Inspire Inclusion.” Recognizing the invaluable contributions of women in every aspect of their business, Raja Jewellers highlights the diverse roles played by female artisans, designers, managers, directors, marketers, and more in the jewellery industry. This celebration underscores the fact that jewellery craftsmanship is not confined to a single gender but thrives through the talents and dedication of individuals, regardless of gender.

To mark this special occasion, Raja Jewellers has organized a series of internal and external events. On March 8th, an International Women’s Day celebration event will be held exclusively for internal staff, honouring their commitment and dedication. On March 9th, customers will be treated to a special celebration event at Raja Jewellers outlets, where they can immerse themselves in the spirit of International Women’s Day and explore exclusive collections.

Mr. Athula Eliyapura, Managing Director of Raja Jewellers, expressed his enthusiasm for the upcoming celebrations, stating, “At Raja Jewellers, we are committed to honouring and celebrating the remarkable contributions of women in our society. Our International Women’s Day events and exclusive offerings reflect our dedication to empowering women and creating memorable experiences for our valued customers.”

In line with the festivities, Raja Jewellers presents an extensive array of jewellery collections tailored to cater to various needs and preferences of women. With approximately 80% of its collection dedicated to women, Raja Jewellers offers an unparalleled selection that includes, Paragon, a dazzling Diamond Jewellery Collection catering to high-end customers seeking unique and fashionable designs, Serendib, an exquisite collection of precious and colour stones Jewellery, perfect for women who appreciate unique sapphire pieces and Opera, designed for working women and entrepreneurs, the Opera collection offers sophisticated workwear Jewellery.

As part of the celebration, Raja Jewellers is excited to introduce exclusive promotions and offers, including special discounts on selected collections, monthly instalment plans for selected credit cards, and exciting gifts for every customer who purchases jewellery on the event day (9th March). Customers will also have the opportunity to capture memorable moments with a dedicated photobooth and receive instant photographs as souvenirs.


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