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Huawei and Partners Win TM Forum Assets Award

At the TM Forum Accelerate week, the catalyst project “Intelligent and Value-Driven Network Operations Transformation,” incubated by Huawei and telecom operators China Mobile, STC (Saudi Arabia), and Hong Kong Telecom, etc., was honored with the Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets Award. Presented by TM Forum, this award recognizes a team that has made the most significant contribution to the value of TM Forum’s assets based on the results of a Catalyst project.

The catalyst project leverages several capabilities from Huawei intelligent operations solution. The new metric EDNS (Expected Demand Not Served), the new platform iEM (intelligent Event Management), the new value framework VOF (Value Operations Framework), and cutting-edge technologies like AI and Graph Neural Networks (GNN). These capabilities collectively enhance operational efficiency by prioritizing work order based on service impact, thereby transforming operational mode.

The project team actively contributed over 30 standard proposals across various TMF working groups including AI Closed-loop Automation (AICLA), Measuring and Managing Autonomy (MAMA), Open Digital Architecture (ODA), and TechCo Organization Design (TCOD). These standards cover topics such as EDNS definition and implementation, iEM platform components, VOF for measuring the business value of operation, and talent skill transformation framework. The series of standards provide industry proven references to implement digital transformation and autonomous operation.

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