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Emerald Launches the UTILITECH™ Pant Range – Where Form Meets Function

Emerald, Sri Lanka’s leading menswear brand, is proud to unveil the groundbreaking “UTILITECH™” collection. This latest offering reflects Emerald’s dedication to providing utility and comfort for active individuals, empowering flexibility in their daily wardrobe. The collection introduces a range of bottoms made of high-stretch fabric, featuring an elastic waistband that creates a better range of motion, catering to those who require both form and function simultaneously.   

Crafted from water-repellent material ideal for all types of weather conditions or the occasional office mishap, the UTILITECH™ collection prioritizes being wrinkle-free, ensuring that each piece stays fresh, making it look new all day long. It also has lightweight, and easy-dry features, and the incorporation of the 4-Way Stretch Material emphasizes the comfort aspect, allowing for unrestricted movement throughout the day. 

Emerald presents three distinct variations within the UTILITECH™ lineup: ‘Tech-chinos’, versatile trousers with a tech-spin that not only exude style but also stay fresh, making them an ideal alternative for office wear, ‘Active Jeans,’ super-comfy and lightweight jeans designed to provide a stylish touch and slimmer look while ensuring maximum comfort, and ‘Wind Walker,’ the ultimate range for those who stay active in various weather conditions. Whether you are navigating a busy workday or looking for leisurewear, Wind Walker is perfect for a lazy weekend or to wear to the gym, combining comfort and style seamlessly. 

Ahmed Ikram, Chief Business Officer at Emerald, expressed enthusiasm about the launch, stating, “With the UTILITECH™ collection, we aim to revolutionize the way individuals approach fashion and functionality. The marriage of cutting-edge design, advanced materials, and the inclusion of high-stretch fabric bottoms with an elastic waistband ensures that our customers experience unparalleled comfort and style, meeting the demands of the modern, active man.” 

The UTILITECH™ collection is a testament to Emerald’s unwavering commitment to innovation and quality. It not only meets the demands of the modern, active man but also sets new standards in the realm of functional fashion. This collection showcases an unexpected approach, demonstrating Emerald’s dedication to constant innovation. Following the success of the Stylized Bamboo collection, Emerald is now releasing the UTILITECH™ collection, reaffirming their commitment to always bringing new designs to the market.  Emerald’s “UTILITECH™” collection is now available in Exclusive Emerald Stores, Leading Retail Partner Stores islandwide, and  



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