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Kumarika’s hair analyser activation gives consumers a deeper understanding on hair care.

Kumarika, a renowned name in hair care, is excited to introduce its all-new initiative aimed at empowering consumers to gain a deeper understanding of their hair through the use of a hair analysis tool, enabling them to scan their hair and identify any issues they may have in real time. Kumarika is known for understanding Sri Lankan and the problems people face. The brand has always been quick in establishing proper hair care routines that help ensure healthy and beautiful hair.   Kumarika is thrilled to initiate the hair analysing activation throughout the country at different locations. This experience helps individuals gain insights into their specific hair-related issues and discover effective solutions.

Consumers will have the exclusive opportunity to engage with the hair analyser activation at multiple locations. At these locations, consumers can engage with qualified beauticians who are equipped with modern hair analysing technology. To date, Kumarika has implemented this activation within garment factories, corporate offices and universities.

Those who visited the Kumarika Hair Care Analyser have not only expressed satisfaction but also took advantage of this unique opportunity to voice their real-time hair concerns. This innovative experience allowed them to uncover hidden issues in their hair, previously unknown to them, providing an eye-opening revelation through the analysis process.

This cutting-edge hair analyser provides real-time assessments of hair and scalp health, offering complete transparency as consumers witness the entire analysis process. For any female consumer visiting the activation, an engaging and informative experience awaits. Upon arrival, consumers receive a simple form to self-assess their hair concerns, the process takes 30 seconds. Once completed, consumers will be directed to a qualified beautician for a complimentary and comprehensive hair analysis.

Following an in-depth analysis conducted by the team of experienced beauticians to identify distinct hair issues, personalized recommendations are provided to address these concerns. Kumarika firmly emphasizes the significance of comprehending an individual’s hair requirements as a vital aspect of maintaining vibrant and healthy hair. Based on the expert insights, carefully selected products from the Kumarika portfolio are recommended, specifically tailored to address these individual hair concerns.

As an added bonus, consumers who choose to purchase Kumarika product during their visit will enjoy exclusive offers, including price discounts and instant gifts. Kumarika provides a comprehensive selection of products designed to meet all hair care needs, covering every step of your hair care routine from pre-bath, during bath and post-bath. The Kumarika portfolio includes a range of hair oils, hair serums, shampoos, and conditioners.

As a well-known haircare brand in Sri Lanka, Kumarika’s unwavering commitment to help individuals unlock the secret to achieving beautiful, healthy hair through products with 100% natural extracts is clear.  Through the Hair Analyser Activation, consumers will embark on a journey towards well-nourished and stunning hair, the Kumarika way.

Hemas Consumer Brands, a leader in Sri Lanka’s Home and Personal Care sector for 60 years, focuses on empowering families to aspire for a better tomorrow. The business takes pride in utilising local insights to innovate and develop consumer centric propositions that have helped establish their purpose led brands as trusted household names in Sri Lanka.  Driven by its deep understanding of the Sri Lankan consumer and an unwavering commitment to delivering superior quality and value through its products, Hemas Consumer Brands continues to enrich the lives of communities across the country.


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