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SINGER Sri Lanka introduces the 13th Generation Dell Inspiron laptops and Vostro desktops

SINGER, the official distributor of Dell products in Sri Lanka, officially announced the launch of 13th Generation Inspiron and Vostro Consumer and Commercial Dell devices. It marks the inaugural introduction of these devices in the country. Every Dell product purchased from SINGER is accompanied by an official Singer warranty.

SINGER, as a responsible distributor, takes great care to ensure that all its products are sourced in a legitimate and legal manner. By adhering to the necessary regulations and procedures, SINGER guarantees that the devices it offers are obtained through authorized channels, maintaining the integrity of the distribution process. SINGER’s commitment to their distribution process has led to SINGER Sri Lanka being named the ‘Distributor of the Year, Client Solutions Group (Commercial) in Sri Lanka constantly for the third time.

Furthermore, SINGER consistently strives to offer the most competitive rates to its customers, which is also the case in this situation. SINGER ensures that any advantages gained from reduced exchange rates and favorable macroeconomic circumstances are passed on to the consumers.

Moreover, the newly introduced Vostro and Inspiron product lines come with enhanced specifications. These models feature SKUs powered by Intel i3, i5, and i7 processors, which offer a significant boost in performance compared to the previous models. This ensures that users can enjoy a more efficient and powerful computing experience, whether they are engaged in everyday tasks or more demanding activities like multimedia editing or gaming.

Overall, SINGER’s commitment to legality, leveraging favorable exchange rates, and incorporating high-performance components has resulted in a compelling offering for customers. They can now enjoy the benefits of a reputable distribution process, affordable pricing, and superior performance in the latest Dell devices available through SINGER.

The new Dell devices can be purchased through SINGER’s online store or anywhere across the island through SINGER authorised dealer stores. For more information, log on to .


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