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Pelwatte Dairy continues its journey of saving valuable foreign exchange to the nation

Pelwatte Dairy, the leading local dairy brand in Sri Lanka that produces a range of dairy products and saves valuable foreign exchange, has unveiled its new corporate office in Colombo 3. Pelwatte Dairy’s new corporate home is located at one of the most central and  highly accessible locations along the well-known Galle Road within the precincts of Kollupitiya, Colombo 3.

Addressing the opening event on, Ariyaseela Wickremanayake, Chairman of Pelwatta Dairy reminisced about his entrepreneurial journey in the dairy industry. “When building up Pelwatte, I was not sweating for myself but was striving for our struggling dairy farmers who badly needed a fair price for their produce. As I worked for a better standard of life for our farmers, I was driven by a simple but important vision; to make Sri Lanka self-sufficient in dairy and to reduce the country’s dependency on non-local supplies thereby saving valuable foreign exchange. Driven by this vision, the company began to grow, and due to our high-quality dairy and competitive pricing in the market, the Pelwatte brand was able to forge ahead. The hard work of the Pelwatte Dairy Industry Ltd (PDIL) family and their commitment drew the company from strength to strength, and as a result of this, Pelwatte today has become the leading local dairy brand in Sri Lanka. Pelwatte is focusing on leveraging its cadre of youth staff to drive it forward in time to come. As such, I am pleased that the youth of the PDIL family are driving many key functions in today’s PDIL.  At Pelwatte, the future belongs to the youth” Mr. Ariyaseela Wickremanayake said.

Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairy Akmal Wickremanayake said: “Building PDIL to its present ranks has been hard work and without the commitment of the PDIL family, it would have been even harder. I wish to thank the staff of PDIL for their teamwork and commitment that sometimes went beyond their working hours and roles. Especially all work during the national COVID shutdown period was completed smoothly thanks to the dedication and team culture among our staff. Dairy is a product consumed by people of all ages, and many times a day. Also, different consumer segments, acting as different touchpoints, demand a variety of dairy products. As a result, matching different products in our portfolio to each customer segment ensured PDIL’s success. On my part, I was able to complete the customer needs matching process with our portfolio and distribute accordingly with the support of our team. Realizing the urgency of the need for continued dairy supplies during the lockdown, we expanded production levels to our maximum and succeeded in meeting the market demand.”

Pelwatte Diary’s new corporate office is located at No 234, Kollupitiya, Colombo 03 just a turn from the well-known Galle Road. The opening event was also joined by PDIL’s Board of Directors, suppliers, clients, and staff.


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