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Revolutionising Sri Lanka’s E-mobility with Sustainable Energy: Hayleys Solar Powers up Lumala’s ‘Eco Ride’

Hayleys Solar, the renewable energy arm of Hayleys Fentons, in partnership with Lumala, a pioneering bicycle brand in Sri Lanka with a market presence of 4 decades, is looking to revolutionize the country’s e-mobility sector. This expedition, named the “Eco Ride”, took place covering a route of over 800 km extended from Point Pedro to Dondra from 6th to 16th of March. Participants rode on Lumala E-bikes powered by Energynet, an innovative off-grid/hybrid solar PV system with battery backup provided by Hayleys Solar.

This partnership marks Hayleys Solar’s entry into solar-powered commute solutions which is an extension of its existing domestic and industrial solar solutions. The transport sector is one of the main carbon emitters in the country, responsible for almost 47% of CO2 emissions (WRI CAIT 2.0, 2015), and is growing at an alarming rate. Solar-powered e-bikes provide a practical and renewable solution to this problem, particularly in Sri Lanka, where sunlight is in abundance throughout the year. This is especially important at a time when energy security poses one of the most serious challenge in Sri Lanka.

Additionally, solar-powered e-bikes provide a convenient mode of transportation for short-to medium-distance travel, especially in congested urban areas where parking and traffic can be challenging.

Hasith Prematillake, Managing Director of Hayleys Fentons, said that the Lithium-ion based e-bike from Lumala offers a higher occupancy rate, speed, and travel range that can satisfy the needs of the local commute. “In partnership with Lumala, we’re evaluating the potential of solar-powered commute solutions in Sri Lanka. Petrol prices are fluctuating and it may not be feasible for people to continuously use their own vehicles daily. Together we are looking to reduce energy consumption by more than 41%, as well as decrease CO2 emissions by more than 75%.”

Roshane Perera, Director & Chief Executive Officer of Hayleys Solar, said, “Hayleys Solar is proud to be the energy partner of Lumala’s “Eco Ride.” This partnership exemplifies our commitment to sustainability, innovation, and community development. We are further exploring the possibilities in bringing green hydrogen technology to promote sustainable mobility in Sri Lanka.”

Commenting on the initiative, Aazim Miflal, Managing Director of Lumala said, “As a Sri Lankan household name synonymous with bicycles, our response to the current energy crisis was the introduction of a Lithium-ion based Electric bicycle. With an operating cost of only Rs 1 per km and the ability to charge the bikes while on the go through the Energynet system, the Eco ride showed a practical and cost-effective solution for off-grid resorts and plants. By combining the Energynet System with electric bikes, the need to maintain a conventional motorbike and its additional costs were eliminated.”

“The 100km Eco Ride, proved that the Energynet system is of high quality and provides reliable assurance, even when exposed to extremely harsh conditions,” said Miflal.


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Hayleys Solar representatives with Lumala Team, ready to set off on Lumala e-bikes powered by Hayleys Solar


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