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Clogard’s Mobile Dental Clinic relaunched to create awareness of good oral hygiene among school children

Clogard, one of Sri Lanka’s most trusted oral care brands from Hemas Consumer Brands, recently launched its Mobile Dental Clinic on an island-wide campaign to promote the importance of oral health. The Mobile Dental Clinic set out to provide children with an awareness session, free dental screenings and a dental check-up.

The Clogard Mobile Dental Clinic campaign which was conducted in partnership with the Ministry of Health, was a resounding success as it reached over 11,000 children around the country over the course of two months. Throughout the two months, over 6,500 children received free dental screenings and a check-up. The Clogard Mobile Dental Clinic will be continue it’s efforts for the third month.

The campaign focused on schools in rural areas with limited access to proper oral healthcare. The children were the opportunity to get their teeth screened by a dental therapist and get a clean-up if required. While the children were waiting for their turn, fun and engaging educational puzzles and games were provided for them to participate in. At the end of the their dental screening, exciting gifts were given to the children. As an added bonus for the children, Clogards mascot, ‘Chooty Lena’ was also on hand to entertain and encourage them to visit and explore the clinic.

Derrick Anthony, General Manager, Marketing, Hemas Consumer Brands commented on the campaign, “We are grateful to have been able to revive the Mobile Dental Clinic and launch this campaign. So far, the campaign has been brilliantly successful as the clinic has reached a great number of children already, and we hope to reach even more in other parts of the country in the next phase of our campaign.

Clogard is Sri Lanka’s most trusted oral care brand and hopes to continue the Mobile Dental Clinic campaign in more areas around the country as part of its efforts toward making Sri Lanka a cavity-free nation.


Image Caption- The Clogard Chooty Lena playing with the children at the Clogard Mobile Dental Clinic


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