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Pelwatte Dairy boosts network with hybrid collection and sales center

Pelwatte, one of the leading local dairy brands in Sri Lanka that produces a range of dairy goods and saves valuable foreign exchange for the country, launched a hybrid milk collection and sales centre in Anuradhapura. This is Pelwatte’s first dairy sales outlet in Kekirawa area and the 15th such outlet in its entire network.

Chairman of Pelwatte Dairy Mr. Ariyaseela Wickramanayake said: “The collection and sales center design is part of Pelwatte’s integration strategy-both forward and backward. A combined dairy collection and sales center of this nature saves collection time and costs which could then be passed down to our customers. We are already collecting 150,000 liters of milk per day from farmers and with this center, the collection amount could be increased and the process streamlined. The new collection center will strengthen our support to them even further. Wholesale and retail customers can purchase products from our full portfolio from this center.”

As the center combines both dairy raw material suppliers and market linkages in a hybrid operation, it is another step in Pelwatte’s vertical integration efforts so that its consumers are served with the best dairy portfolio in Sri Lanka.

Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairy Mr. Akamal Wickramanayake said: “Pelwatte already commands good share of the dairy product market in this area. The new sales center boosts this market share further and more importantly, can help take its products to region’s customers much faster.”

Pelwatte factories now handle more than 150,000 liters of fresh milk per day. The Company rewards its farmers continuously to sustain high quality milk inputs. A total of 10,000 dairy farmers in Sri Lanka are supported by Pelwatte.

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Chairman of Pelwatte Dairy, Mr. Ariyaseela Wickramanayake and Managing Director of Pelwatte Dairy, Mr. Akamal Wickramanayake inaugurate Pelwatte’s first dairy sales outlet in the Kekirawa area.

About Pelwatte Dairy:

Having set up in 2006, Pelwatte Dairy, which specializes in milk processing, animal feed and dairy products is one of the Sri Lankan brands that successfully saves the outflow of foreign exchange for dairy product imports from abroad. The Company is ambitious to develop the dairy cattle husbandry in Sri Lanka with a view to establish a continuous and trustworthy flow of quality raw materials to the dairy industry. An ISO 22000:2018 certified Company, Pelwatte Dairy owns one of the most modern dairy factories (designed around Danish technology) that operates in Sri Lankan dairy sector at present.


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