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In the Mercantile Netball Open Mix Division Tournament Fairfirst Insurance wins the Championship, making winning a forte

Team Fairfirst once again showed their capability in extracurriculars by winning their latest championship in Netball at the 2022 Mercantile League Netball Tournament – Open Mix Division. As finalists, Team Fairfirst met Team Citizens Development Business Finance (CDB) at St. Joseph’s College Indoor Stadium in Colombo, where the final scoreboard read 21 – 5.

Over the years, Team Fairfirst Insurance was able to establish many titles in yearly netball tournaments, through which they improved the required skills to become the champions this year. Both The Women’s Team won 4th place in Division ‘C’ while the Mixed Team came out as champions among eight teams participating under two categories. In addition, Nimesh Fernando won the special award as the Male Player of the tournament together with the team who was also acknowledged with an award for the Best Team Attire.

National-level basketball player and the Captain of Fairfirst’s Netball Team (Mixed), Shehan Udayanga commenting on the win stated, “Winning this championship was a really great feeling. There are two elements that I trust were the reason for this win. One: the commitment and dedication of my team and coach, and two: the company’s constant assistance to its employees in their passions and interests. We hope to keep this momentum and take the name ‘Fairfirst’ even higher.”

Dhilan Mitchell, The Chief Operating Officer and Netball Team Manager of Fairfirst expressed his views on the win: “Congratulations on an amazing job by the team! Having seen the journey that our team has had over the years to attain this feat has been a huge pleasure. Fairfirst knows that having fun at work is important for everybody to provide their best performances. Therefore, we encourage our employees to shine in their preferred activities. We have learnt from experience that the happier the work environment is, the better the performance.”

Fairfirst Insurance serves individuals, businesses, and institutions across this stunning island through a flexible workforce of 1400 spread across their broad branch network, affinity partners and top brokers in the market. Working as a close-knit team, pushing boundaries, and welcoming a fun-at-work culture allows them to be the best at what they do, both on and off the field.

Photo Caption: Fairfirst wins the Championship in Netball at the 2022 Mercantile League Netball Tournament Open Mix Division


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