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SOLEX – strengthening the current economy with innovative engineering solutions

Over the past 40 years, the Solex Group of Companies (Pvt) Ltd has earned the respect and loyalty of many Sri Lankans as the country’s top water pump manufacturer, selling over half a million pumps during the last decade with a clear market share of over 40%. In a bid to overcome recent economic challenges amidst the prevailing crisis, Solex introduced a range of affordable and essential high technology products in a short time frame to serve government-driven organizations and industries such as apparel, construction, hospitality, export food manufacturing, information technology services, and large local and multinational conglomerates. By locally manufacturing a variety of equipment that were previously imported, such as fuel tanks, diesel unloading pumps, fire pumps, dehumidifier dryers, and automobile parts, Solex has filled a significant budgetary gap while also enhancing the lives of its customers and the environment.  

Some of the leading products include Diesel Transfer Pumps which are available in export quality and Solex also provides installation and delivery services across the island. The product has benefitted both local and international conglomerates. Its features allow for the most effective transfer of diesel from bowsers to overhead tanks and from ground tanks to overhead tanks, enabling their everyday operations. Additionally, as an ISO-certified company, the locally-made high-quality Diesel Storage Tanks and Fuel Dispensers have been designed to meet international standards in light of the nation’s recent import restrictions and fuel shortages, thereby enabling industries to operate constantly and contribute to Sri Lanka’s economic growth while saving millions of forex. The two items were recently dispatched to several projects undertaken by leading companies in the apparel and construction sectors.

The locally manufactured Solex De-Humidifier Dryers standardize food processing technology, which could boost the processed food export industry. When compared to other dryers on the market used for drying vegetables, fruits, herbs, chili, pepper, tobacco, cinnamon, and fish, the distinctive design of this product saves energy by over 40%. Furthermore, the “Optional Ozone Generator” fights microorganisms restricting the entry of germs and dust particles that would eventually mix with the food, thereby securing nutrients. This product enabled massive economic growth and helped to save millions of dollars.   

Solex Fire Pumps and Controllers operate on electric and diesel engines and have been approved by the Sri Lankan fire department, and certified by TUV (third party). They also come with NFPA 20 compliance and is a frequently used product in the hotel industry and large local and international corporations.

Solex also provides a comprehensive range of local industrial products including Garbage Compactors, Gully Bowsers, and Water Bowsers. Additionally, a sizable number of brand-new releases have been developed for 2023 as well as new R&D initiatives targeted at enhancing industries and raising the bar for people’s living standards while protecting the environment. Solex has been acknowledged as a reliable solutions provider as it not only offers the best products but also an unmatchable after-service to all customers. Solex is determined to spearhead national development through innovation and by providing dependable, customer-focused high-tech solutions that are efficient and affordable, while also exhibiting resilience as a corporate entity.

Solex group of companies stands strong as a technological and industrial solution facilitator to develop and supply value-added products and services to our country and prestigious customers to strengthen the present economy.


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