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Fems joins Women’s Equality Day celebrations with continued efforts to women empowerment

Fems, one of the leading feminine hygiene brands in Sri Lanka has stepped forward in support of International Women’s Equality Day 2022, celebrated with the theme of ‘’Gender Equality today for a sustainable tomorrow’’. Fems has gone beyond its product offerings to empower women, especially with its efforts to end social stigma on menstrual health and hygiene. It is a brand that understands the pulse of Sri Lankan women and prioritizes their needs in an effort to help them achieve their goals.

Throughout a journey of over 18 years, the brand has been continuing its efforts to support women of all ages by not only introducing various products to suit them, but also contributing to the betterment of women through various community support initiatives. Fems became one of the very first brands in Sri Lanka to raise awareness on menstrual health and take steps to break the social stigma on menstruation while also catering to the need of the hour by launching an affordable sanitary napkin, ‘Fems Aya’ to cater to the need of all Sri Lankan women. This was designed as an affordable option to end period poverty without compromising on quality. 

Rochelle Perera, Senior Brand Manager – Fems said, “Being a leading feminine care brand, Fems has always been supportive of women empowerment and gender equality. As International Women’s Equality Day 2022 is celebrated, we need to pay more attention to equality and focus on how we can take this message forward. The brand is geared to play a vital role in this regard and make necessary impact for the betterment of women.”

Taking yet another giant step forward, Fems launched the island wide Fems Aya initiative to educate a wider audience of Sri Lankan women and share knowledge about menstrual matters. This initiative was highly appreciated and embraced by partner organizations such as Merrill J. Fernando Foundation, the Arka initiative, Sarvodaya Women’s Movement and Sarvodaya fusion. These organizations, led by Fems, continued to empower more than 3906+ women in rural villages and plantation sectors through physical workshops and online training sessions during the past year.

Another notable initiative from Fems was the distribution of Fems Aya sanitary napkins to the entire staff of Hemas Consumer Brands, regardless of gender. This initiative was instrumental in normalizing the conversation about menstrual health and hygiene in both personal and professional settings. The brand also went on to conduct workshops for the corporates like John Keells Group and Daraz, etc. to educate all genders on the topic and normalizing the conversation among peers and families. 

As a brand with utmost love for women, Fems has and continues to play a vital role in addressing the most pressing concerns related to menstrual care and socializing the discussion about this topic that has positively impacted thousands of women.



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