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Health Trade Unions into a two-day token strike

Trade unions in the health sector, including those affiliated with nursing, supplementary and paramedical services have launched a two-day token strike on this morning. (March 2nd)

The Federation of Health Professionals explained that they resorted to an island-wide trade union action again as the steps taken to fulfil their demands agreed upon by the Health Minister during the previous discussions are unsatisfactory.

Based on four demands, 17 trade unions in the health sector had launched an island-wide strike action on February 07, which lasted for nine days. It was temporarily called off following the discussions with the Health Minister.

Convenor of the Health Professionals’ Federation Ravi Kumudesh said they have recommenced their trade union action today. “We regret that we are compelled to resort to a strike action again,” he said, adding that the Health Ministry is being slow going with regard to fulfilling their demands.

The Health Ministry should take responsibility for the inconvenience caused to the general public due to this strike action, Kumudesh stressed.

According to him, a total of 45,000 health professionals from 17 trade unions have joined this token strike. However, it is not carried out in maternity, children’s, cancer and nephrology hospitals.

Meanwhile, Government Nursing Officers’ Association has not joined this trade union action due to the enjoining order issued by the Colombo District Court, which is effective until March 11.

Source – Ada Derana


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