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Clogard Fresh, natural freshness and cavity protection

Good grooming is a reflection of oneself and the image that you portray. Oral care should be a part of your daily grooming and must be given priority, as you would with the rest of your body. Poor oral care and hygiene can adversely affect self-confidence and social participation .This      can easily be addressed with simple but effective routines and tools.

With the purpose of delivering long-lasting fresh breath with cavity protection for round-the-clock confidence, Clogard Fresh Blast is renewing its promise of freshness with 04 variants under a new banner as Clogard Fresh. Formulated with natural ingredients, Clogard Fresh Gel Toothpaste fights up to 99% of germs to deliver invigorating freshness and cavity protection to give you the confidence to win the world. 

The relaunched Clogard Fresh comes in vibrant new packaging, with stark attention drawn to distinguish the different natural ingredients, Mint, Clove, Cinnamon and Lemongrass. Each product is unique and is designed to suit a variety of Sri Lankan palates. The cooling variant enriched with mint, the soothing variant which is enriched with lemongrass, the spicy variant enriched with clove and the final variant is infused with cinnamon. Each variant of Clogard Fresh contains ingredients that are 100% natural and have been used in Sri Lanka for generations.

For an instant pick-me-up during the day, Clogard Fresh offers mouthwash as well, for a quick and convenient freshness with oral protection. The Mouthwash comes in two flavours; Icy Mint for cooling freshness and Original Clove for a flush of spice.

Completed with natural ingredients commonly found in local households, this range of gel toothpaste is a healthy and effective choice currently in the market.

Clogard Fresh Gel Toothpaste is approved by the Sri Lanka Dental Association (SLDA) and certified by the Sri Lanka Standards Institution (SLSI). Clogard Fresh Gel toothpaste is currently available for purchase at the Hemas E-store and can also be purchased from select shopping points such as fancy stores, cosmetic vendors, grocery stores, pharmacies, and supermarkets. 

About Hemas Consumer Brands

Hemas Consumer Brands is the largest Sri Lankan entity in the Home and Personal Care sector in the nation. With over 70 years of rich heritage, the company has won consumer hearts through strong purpose-led brands and progressive sustainability practices. It strives to bring healthful living and personal care solutions to life through its portfolio of world-class products and have garnered acclaim for the creation of superior products by uncovering local insights backed by growth-inspired innovative teams.

Strengthened by several leading brands, Hemas Consumer Brands continues to innovate and

touch lives through its efforts in several cause-based projects such as the Aya Feminine Hygiene initiative, the Kumarika Sonduru Diriyawanthi wig donation project for cancer patients and Baby Cheramy’s progressive inclusive parenting initiative. Hemas Consumer Brands’ design thinking brings revolutionary products such as Vivya heirloom rice-based skin range, the Dandex Handy and Kumarika Poddi shampoo ranges to replace single use sachets portraying brand’s commitment towards a green nation. The company also leads on several fronts to contribute towards a more sustainable and inclusive future for all Sri Lankans.



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