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How Do You Convert Your PR Success into Sales?

Creating fresh pipelines and closing sales transactions quickly is critical for firms that have managed to stay afloat (and prosper) throughout the pandemic. Executing PR campaigns to promote those aims is crucial, according to both PR professionals and consultants. However, every smart public relations professional understands that new leads do not appear overnight. So, how do you combine PR and sales to boost your clients’ ROI? It is recommended that you seek professional advice from leading PR companies in Sri Lanka.

By getting your brand in front of your target audience, PR seeks to raise awareness at the top of the funnel. Backlinks in media placements, for example, can help increase referral, organic, and direct traffic to your website. Bylined stories and brand mention in the media provide legitimate collateral for sales teams to share with prospective sales leads in the middle of the funnel during the “intent” phase, when they are actively evaluating a choice.

In the “evaluation” step, each prospective lead will need to validate the decision they are about to make. A strong media presence demonstrates your brand’s market position, while news releases demonstrating positive company initiatives and growth represent your brand’s health. Instead of Googling your rival, the prospective lead finds the facts they seek about your organization thanks to this consistent stream of media publicity.

A clear channel of communication between sales and PR teams is required to maximize and enhance PR initiatives that contribute to the marketing funnel. Sales teams can get a competitive advantage by leveraging the results gained by the PR team for third-party validation, while PR professionals can learn what brand differentiators to highlight in their efforts by hearing prospective customers’ feedback or objections straight from the sales team.

Use social media to disseminate articles. If you’ve seen Netflix’s “The Social Dilemma,” you know how powerful social media can be. By routinely sharing media coverage on the relevant social media channels, sales staff may use this power for good and assist boost brand awareness to reach prospects. Sales reps that are engaged on social media earn 45 percent more sales possibilities than those who aren’t, according to LinkedIn’s Social Selling Index.

In nurturing campaigns, use media articles. Always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always, always It’s the name of the game in sales, especially when a prospect may require five or more touchpoints. But we’ve all gotten those numerous, often pointless, chilly follow-up emails with little or no value.

Instead, include a link to a media piece highlighting your product or a recent corporate announcement in your email to get prospects talking. Providing fresh talking points and articles about your key differentiators on a regular basis convinces the prospect that a sales meeting is worthwhile.

Include awards in sales decks. In sales presentations, using logos from recent award wins might assist build your reputation. Prospects want to know that your brand is thriving and that you are a thought leader in your field. Winning awards demonstrates innovation and provides you with a boost of credibility and a competitive advantage over the competition you’re up against in the sales cycle.

Mention major media placements in talks with customers. When prospects raise objections, mentioning media placements, especially ones that emphasize significant consumer pain areas, can help you overcome them. Prospects will be more interested in your brand if they find that top-tier media or well-known industry influencers are blogging about it with the integration of influencer marketing in Sri Lanka.

In your signature line, include a link to media and awards. Including a clickable link to a top-tier media placement or award victory in your email signature is a simple, understated method to raise awareness of your company’s noteworthy developments.

This can help with a variety of initiatives, from providing positive reinforcement when contacting prospects to increasing recognition for sales executives who are hiring new reps. Better sales reps on your team equals more income and overall success.

Offer satisfied customers to the public relations department. Both your brand and your customer’s brand can benefit from success stories. Many clients would welcome the additional visibility and opportunity to discuss their own company’s growth.

Customer retention and brand loyalty can be boosted by including media in their journey with you. Furthermore, positive word of mouth from satisfied consumers is invaluable.

The first stage in developing a cross-promotional approach for better marketing ROI is to establish a clear channel of communication between PR and sales. Sales teams will always be in charge of closing the deal, but strong public relations make it a lot easier.


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